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The Scheduling module within CONGO allows an administrator to manage events / panels / sessions / activities within a convention.


  • An EVENT is a single convention / meeting / get together.
  • A SESSION is an activity within the EVENT, such as a panel, dance, dinner, or presentation
  • A VENUE is the location where the EVENT is being held.
  • A ROOM is a space or location within the VENUE

Table overview

Configuration tables

  • con_detail (existing) - Holds definitions for EVENTs.
    • Name, location, start, end, website, email, comment, description
  • config_venue (new) - A master summary of VENUEs, with details on managing the venue - This table does not change from EVENT to EVENT
    • Name, location, website
  • config_room (new) - A master summary of ROOMs defined for each VENUE - This table does not change from EVENT to EVENT
    • Name, section-within-venue, dimensions, capacity
  • config_sessions (existing, needing revision, was 'config_event') - Definitions of SESSIONs for each EVENT
    • Name, summary, start time, end time, ROOM, room layout, owner, category, department, maxattendees, cost, open, visible, service tags
  • config_category (new) - Definitions of SESSION categories for each EVENT (also referred to as 'tracks')
    • Name, summary
  • config_roomlayout (new) - VENUEs have predefined 'room layouts' they will use to help specify how a room should be configured for a specific SESSION. "panel" "dance floor" etc etc. This table specifies the roomlayout required for each SESSION.
  • config_department (new) - A way of categorizing groups within the SESSION. This is separate from 'tracks'.
    • Name, summary, setup time, teardown time, requirement notes.

Operational tables

  • reg_events - Associations between a registrant (rid), a EVENT (cid), and a SESSION (sid) This table would show if someone is subscribed to the SESSION (as in, added it to their favorites), or has signed up to attend the SESSION. Can also be used to assign staff to an SESSION (such as panel moderator, assistant, etc)
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Page last modified on January 20, 2012, at 08:15 PM