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Registration Types are a setting in CONGO that specifies waht sort of membership or registration is being used for this attendee for the event. How an event uses registration types can vary depending on how the organizer woul dlike to categorize the attendees.

How to create registration types

Creating regtypes is very easy. Administration access is required:

  • Log into Coconut
  • Navigate to Maintenance->Edit Registration Types
  • Create new registration type (or edit an existing one by clicking on the "Edit" icon)

Fields used in Registration Types are:

  • Name
    The registration type 'name'. Names must be unique on a per event basis. This name field is used in reporting, invoicing, and other internal processes. It should have no spaces or special characters in it (It's a key field)
  • Description
    The textual description representing the registration type. This is shown to the attendees describing the regtype.
  • Print
    When printing a registration type on a badge, this field is used instead of the regtype 'name'. This is handy if you have several registration types that should be shown as "Adult Full" on the badge (as an example).
  • Cost
    How much does it cost to register under this registration type?
  • Expire
    This field is unused
  • Count
    (Display only) - a calculated count of how many people have registered under this regtype for this event.
  • Sequence
    When displaying the registration types in the editors or in the pulldown menus in both Coconut or in the public interface, the regtypes are sorted by this sequence number, from low to high. The actual numbers don't matter (you could count by fives, for example), they will simply be sorted in ascending order.
  • Discount Code
    The discount code associated with this registration type. See DiscountCodesHowTo for details on how to set up Discount Codes
  • Public
    Does this registration type show up in the public interface as an available regtype?
  • Active
    Is this regtype active, meaning people can be registered under it?
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Page last modified on June 02, 2012, at 12:39 PM