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Discount Codes refers to a mechanism within CONGO to allow administrators to make discount pricing available to attendees during the registration process.


  • "Discount Code" - the actual text of the code that would be given to an attendee to use at the registration screen. Usually this is some form of simple text, such as 'DISC2525'. It shouldn't be trivial to guess.
  • "Type" - Discount Codes have a Type (Discount, Percent, or Absolute). See below
  • "Factor" - The numerical value that will be used to calculate what the discount is. How the Factor is used depends on the Discount Code type.


Discount Codes come in three Types:

  • Discount : the 'Factor' is deducted from the final price.
    Example: If type is Discount, and Factor is 10, then $10 will be removed from the invoice for that registration.
  • Percent : The 'Factor' is multiplied against the invoice price, and the result is deducted.
    Example: If type is Percent, and Factor is 10, the registration amount will be reduced by 10 percent.
  • Absolute: The 'Factor' price is the absolute final price, no matter what the calculated invoice price is.
    Example: If type is Absolute, and Factor is 10, the registration amount will be exactly $10.

Other Field Descriptions:

When maintaining the Discount Codes via Maintenance->Edit Discount Codes, the following fields are presented:

  • Name: The actual Discount Code name. See 'Discount Code' under Terminology.
  • Description: A textual description of the discount - This will be shown to the attendee on the public screen
  • Note: Internal notes for the event manager. This information is not shown to the attendee.
  • Type: See 'Types' above
  • Factor: See 'Types' above
  • Active: Whether this Discount Code is available for use. Discount Codes may be entered ahead of time and 'switched on and off' whenever necessary. This does not affect already processed registrations.

Discount Codes as Passwords

Discount Codes may also be used to 'validate' a registration type, and make it necessary to use the discount code in the public registration interface for a specific registration type.

To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Create a discount code
  2. For type, use 'Discount', and set the value to zero
  3. Edit or create a Registration Type
  4. Enter the discount code in the Registration Type under 'Discount Code'

That code will now be required to be entered to use that registration type in the public interface.

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