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The following tools or environments are necessary to run CONGO:

  • A computer capable of running a Java virtual machine. CONGO has been tested on Windows, Linux, and Mac OSX computers.
  • Some form of Java Servlet container. Documentation is provided for Tomcat and Jetty installations
  • MySQL 5.0 or later available either on the local computer or via network.
  • A web browser

If you plan on printing badges for your event, you'll need a printer capable of printing a generated PDF onto whatever material you're using for badges. (Stonekeep uses Evolis badge printers)

Installation Instructions

If you are familiar with deploying Java WAR files into a container, follow the Generic Instructions below. For details on specific servlet containers, see the appropriate sections.

  • Generic Installation - Follow this guide for downloading, installing, and configuring CONGO if you already have a servlet container environment available.
  • Jetty - Installing and configuring Jetty to run CONGO
  • Tomcat - Using the Apache Tomcat server to run CONGO
  • MySQL - Configuring MySQL for CONGO

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