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This template is used whenever CONGO sends email out after a registration (and the 'send email' checkbox is checked, natch). Note this must be under Maintenance->Templates as 'Email-1'

 To: ${RegistrantEmail}
 Subject: Registration Confirmation: ${EventName}

 Thank you for Registering for ${EventName} !

 Your registration has been received and processed.  If you 
 have any further questions, please first check the event
 website at ${EventWebsite}, and if that does not have the 
 information you need, feel free to drop mail to registration
 services at ${EventEmail}.

 See you at ${EventName}!
 Event:		${EventName}
 Date of event:	${EventStart}

 Your ID:		${RegistrantID}
 Name:		${RegistrantLastName}, ${RegistrantFirstName} (${RegistrantBadgeName})
 Regtype:		${RegistrantType}
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Page last modified on May 10, 2012, at 11:04 AM