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CONGO System Variables

System Variables define how CONGO interracts with the system it's installed on, and how some basic operations work. For CONGO versions 2.0.x, this screen is available under Maintenance->Set Server Properties

WARNING - In CONGO 2.0.x, making a change on the Server Properties screen may cause an error soon afterwards. The best practice is to restart the container (Tomcat or Jetty) after making changes to this screen. Even if there is an error thrown, the changes will be made.


  • Database Type
    What type of database is in use. (MySQL?, Oracle, etc)
  • Database Server
    The full hostname of the server where the database instance lives. This must be resolveable from the webhost where CONGO is installed.
  • Database Name / User / Password
    Settings for defining which database instance and what credentials to use.
  • Automatic Schema Upgrades
    This should always be enabled - it allows CONGO to automatically alter the schema of it's database as new versions are installed.

Login Options

  • Default Conference
    This is the event number that will be used for Coconut login screens, and what is used on the default 'public' interface.


If you are using Paypal, this section defines how CONGO will interract with Paypal's servers.

  • Enable Paypal payments
    Should this installation of CONGO allow payments via Paypal?
  • Paypal mode
    Are we in Production or Testing mode?
  • Paypal server to use
    This option should be set to match the above mode. It tells CONGO which Paypal servers to contact to make payments.
  • URL of this install
    This is very important. This is the URL that the Paypal service will redirect to after a payment is completed. It should be the URL of this CONGO install, at the top level (the page most folks would go to to register). An example would be
  • Paypal Username and Password
    The login credentials for your Paypal merchant account.
  • Paypal Signature
    The signature as gotten from Paypal. See PaypalCredentials for details on how to get your Paypal signature.
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Page last modified on April 07, 2011, at 12:11 PM