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Coconut is the standard web interface for CONGO. It requires very little configuration, as most details are stored in the server. See ServerConfiguration for details on configuring the server.

One important setting, however, is the definition of where the server is. This detail is stored in the configuration files stored in the 'htdocs' directory.

Make a copy of the config-master.php file to 'config-local.php', and edit it. In the first section, you'll see:

   $GLOBALS['spath'] = '/RPC2';
   $GLOBALS['shost']  = 'localhost';
   $GLOBALS['sport']  = 8081;

Change these as appropriate to reflect your setup, and save. Point your web browser at the 'coconut' directory in your CONGO installation, and the Coconut login screen should come up.

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Page last modified on July 19, 2007, at 10:43 AM