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Congo v2 suggestions

  • cat - make notes default to "show on reg zoom", instead of default to "don't show"
  • bc - move operation links to the left side of the screen
  • bc - add hotkeys to operation links
  • lisa - add a URL "contact info" type (maybe change "email" to "net")
  • bc - how do you "reprint" a badge
  • dave - sometimes printing a badge wants to force checkin, and sometimes it doesn't
  • cat - colors and layout of zoom page
  • Change Ack/OK to OK/Done
  • bc - acknowledged notes should not be bold (just like non-current conference)
  • bc - each bright-yellow box needs a "folder tab" saying what it is ("Notes" "Contact Info" etc.) then links like "Add Note" can become "Add" because the context is more clear
  • lisa - change contact info "primary" to display "yes"/"no" and not "true"/"false"
  • lisa - add "country" to reg_address table
  • ben - Edit/Dlte should be Edit/Del
  • cat - add padding to all of your forms and stuff
  • dave - text on the public UI page should be personal and friendly
  • cat - (and consistent in voice)
  • dave - add "delete a registrant" functionality
  • ben - (Coho08 process) after "Create registrant", avoid null content screens with only one button ("Continue")
  • cat - (Coho08 process) skip the user summary screen after creating a registrant (skip straight to register)
  • cat - (Coho08 process) don't put "logout" link on register screen, add "logout" link to user home page
  • dave - rewrite display/select system for events

Open bugs / feature requests for Coconut / Appserver in general:

  • blk - attempting to create registrant or change pw results in
 java.lang.Exception: com.mysql.jdbc.exceptions.jdbc4.MySQLIntegrityConstraintViolationException?:  
 Cannot add or update a child row: a foreign key constraint fails (`fetishcon/reg_history`, 
 CONSTRAINT `0_54` FOREIGN KEY (`hist_cid`) REFERENCES `con_detail` (`con_cid`) ON DELETE CASCADE)
  • blk - need convention editor so conventions can be deleted.
  • blk - table load script should be fixed so that it only needs to be run once.
  • dbs - If an access denied happens on startup, the failure is spectacular. That should be cleaner.
  • dbs - Code needs to be reorganized into standard 'java' form (com.stonekeep.congo.ClassName?)
  • dbs - Need payment configuration page in Coconut ( vs Paypal, login / pw info, test mode)
  • dbs - confirm operation of 'block' type in badge layout screen
  • dbs - enable 'background' image support in badge stuff
  • dbs - enable an arbitrary text string anywhere on the badge.
  • dbs - 'payment' template page should show pending amount formatted $xxx.xx
  • dbs - when doing sales, if 'process immediately' isn't checked, don't ask for payment form
  • dbs - View 'view invoice' function in public screen
  • dbs - Registrant property report has twitches with non-current-year values.
  • dbs - Link for generating password reminder in public pages
  • dbs - Payment page needs basic validation in public pages ('did you enter a cc number')
  • dbs - The transfer button on the registrant detail doesn't do anything
  • dbs - If you try to log in with a badgeID that doesn't exist, you get a bunch of PHP errors.
  • dbs - important - Cannot create new registration types due to date problem in expiration field.
  • dbs - When first hitting 'configure badge layout' get aq ton of offset problems.
  • dbs - Errors while printing badges need to be reported to the client
  • blk - important find a way to escape double quotes or delete them quietly instead of losing data
  • blk - batch print range, not just list
  • blk - resize or warn longer names?
  • blk - why the heck does the first badge not get resized properly? [adobe error, win only?]
  • blk - put URL as line on create screen?
  • blk - slash on single quote char on name screen
  • blk - reword print screen for check-in only?
  • dbs - Edit form for editing user location data to set up // entries correctly
  • ben - important Subscribed/Registered numbers drift apart over time
  • phi - Don't allow creating locations using duplicate loc_type/loc_name tuples (that is, prevent clobbering)
  • phi - important Global properties are being treated as per-year (meaning that unsetting them creates a single year copy with a different instead of changing the underlying global property
  • ben - reverse order of history page, so newest changes are listed first.
  • dbs - Generating email is possible even if there are no templates defined.
  • lkh - add email address to the view when you're browsing by regtype
  • ben - history page shouldn't report the password as a comment after a change.
  • dbs - important Allow an operators name or ID to be added to a generated template (like mail).
  • dbs - When viewing history, the time as well as the date should be displayed
  • dbs - important On a merge, properties must be applied from the old duplicate to the new target
  • dbs - very important Write an 'exception' report that shows oddities in registrant state
  • dbs - When typing a single registrant ID, just jump right to the registratant, don't pause on search.
  • dbs - Button tags need a CSS style to set font properly
  • dbs - Feature request - keep a log of the last time a user logged into coconut.
  • lkh - FR - queue mail when system is off the net for sending later?
  • ben - Admin section doesn't deal well when user times out
  • ben - Just registered the GoHs? for A'09. Checking the history afterwards, it has Jasra and me listed as operators for the transactions (see #93571 as an example)
  • dbs - newly exported address data needs to include NCOA detail information, see Skip's request.
  • lkh - error when searching by badge # - gives "java.lang.Exception: java.sql.SQLException?: Cannot convert value '0000-00-00 00:00:00' from column 10 to TIMESTAMP." - search still works, but is ugly
  • dbs - when doing a lookup, regtype for the previous year is shown, not the current one.
  • ben - Now that Arisia is offering free memberships to all past GOHs?, it would be useful to add a persistent "Past GOH" property to Congo (and make it a regtype says Lisa).
  • ben - Print KIT (or FRI/SAT/...) in large letters on edge of badge.
  • ben - Looking at A'09 data, when you search for someone, the results shows their A'10 RegType?, not the A'09 RegType? (e.g., search for "Purvis").

Closed bugs / features:

  • dbs - export-after-event CSV report does not work - needs ResultSet? changes (Fixed -dbs 5/20/2008)
  • dbs - template delete screen us UGLY. (Fixed -dbs 5/20/2008)
  • dbs - important - Properties report does not have fixes for ResultSet? management - doesn't work (Fixed -dbs 5/19/2008)
  • dbs - Public pages have to show 'status' - what things have properties. (Fixed -dbs 4/15/2008)
  • dbs - Modify public screen to view registration status and properties (Fixed -dbs 4/15/2008)
  • dbs - Sales screen gives a template error (Cant' reproduce this - dbs 4/5/2008)
  • dbs - Feature need : generate invoice into a users account they can pay on the public screen (Fixed -dbs 4/5/2008)
  • dbs - Creating a new user is not setting passwords (Fixed -dbs 2/4/2008)
  • dbs - Reformat 'cost' column to show $xxx.xx instead of 'xx.x'
  • dbs - Registration button and text need to change when invoice is ready
  • dbs - Amount field on payment page needs to be $xxx.xx
  • dbs - Credit card page needs all details (CVV, etc)
  • dbs - 'room with' function needs to be fixed
  • dbs - More descriptive text in registration options
  • dbs - for new users, on first create, it says ${Invoicetable} (Fixed -dbs 2/4/2008)
  • dbs - Email final invoice / payment page (Fixed -dbs 2/4/2008)
  • dbs - Don't show the times on the event times (Fixed -dbs 2/4/2008)
  • dbs - Auto-generation of email should be enabled (Fixed -dbs 2/4/2008)
  • dbs - Managing registrant properties, you can't delete one. (Fixed - dbs 1/24/2008)
  • dbs - important - Managing properties throws exceptions when setting Registration Prompting (Fixed - dbs 1/24/2008)
  • dbs - important Merge users function is very much needed (Done! - dbs 1/15/2008)
  • blk - intelligent batch print return page (Fixed - dbs 1/14/2008)
  • dbs - important Void and Unsub requests do not log who has done the transaction (Fixed - dbs 1/14/2008)
  • ben - important history page should report operator name for who made a name change. (Fixed -dbs 1/7/2008)
  • lkh - very important When printing a badge, if it's been printed already, warn the user (Fixed -dbs 1/5/2008)
  • dbs - important Do not allow an Unsub if there is an active registration. Make sure the registration is voided FIRST. (Fixed -dbs 1/3/2008)
  • ben - Strip off whitespace before doing a search (cut-and-paste usually includes a trailing space). (Fixed -dbs 12/14/2007)
  • dbs - When registering someone, if the default registration type is used, the Amount Paid field is not populated unless you change the registration type. (Fixed -dbs 12/10/2007)
  • ben - Beta: After merge, History page appears to show a successful merge, but it doesn't say that a merge occurred (I think the current and duplicate Reg numbers should be listed). (Done -dbs 12/10/2007)
  • ben - Beta: After merge, looking up new/consolidated Reg#, it says: Undefined offset: 4 in /var/www/ on line 161 (Fixed -dbs 12/10/2007)
  • ben - Beta: After merge, looking up old/duplicate Reg#, it says: "Notice: Undefined index: regRID in /var/www/ on line 27" (Fixed -dbs 12/10/2007)
  • blk - search screen should show regtype, badged, checked (Done -dbs 12/09/2007)
  • dbs - delete registration type does not have the proper HTML layout (Done -dbs 12/09/2007)
  • dbs - transaction review / approve page needs alternating highlighting. (Done -dbs 12/09/2007)
  • dbs - reg types should have alternating shading. (Done -dbs 12/09/2007)
  • dbs - Editing badge layouts should default pulldowns with existing badge values. (Done -dbs 12/09/2007)
  • dbs - memory leak either with new SQL or with PDF generation (Retuned all the SQL calls to close properly -dbs 11/30/07)
  • blk - sometimes prints "/" with "'" (SystemBadge? fixes this -dbs 11/3/07)
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