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Phase1 Project Schedule


  • Completed - this item has been completed
  • Deferred to next release
  • Hot must-haves before Dec 1st

The following items are on the delivery schedule for CONGO v2, Phase 1

Due date: December 1, 2008

  • Basics
    • Basic registrant creation, editing, and lookup
    • Browse registrants, using various criteria
    • History table updating - likely programmatically, not with triggers
    • Create/Edit/Subscribe/Register/Print Badge working
    • Registrant property editing
    • Invoice updating via properties and registrations.
  • Licensing / Installation
    • License key functions working - key in file
    • "bootstrap" install - no properties file, come up with configuration screen
    • Import / conversion utility to import data from existing CONGO installs.
    • All structures in struct/ directory up to date
    • Coconut configuration and setup of payment gateways
      • Paypal
      • Switchable 'test' and 'no test'
      • API for viewing payment status / history? Not sure if this is possible, would be cool to get a status report from coconut about payment history and statuses.
  • Reporting / printing
    • All previous reports ported
      • Registrant Status Report (breakdown of registrations per regtype)
    • SQL Query tool (generic reporting) working
    • Badge printing and badge setup screens
  • Configuration and Maintenance
    • Editors:
      • Registration Types
      • Properties
      • Events (see below)
      • Convention Details
    • System settings editor
      • Restore saved values in file when editing
      • Add information for payment gateways to schema (initially just [Owen]
  • Events
    • Events table design and creation
    • Creation of Event domain object
    • System editor for events
    • Signing up for events for a registrant and updating invoices [dbs]
  • Public Pages
    • Implemented in JSP , not templates
    • Configurable elements in Convention editor (logo graphic, description, links, etc)
    • Public functions:
      • Create login / Log into existing / Generate password [dbs]
      • Must be able to be done in one step (but before payment, have option to "Add events / options") [dbs]
      • Add events / options [dbs]
    • View current registration information / update contact info [dbs]
  • Invoicing
    • Create invoice table for orders
    • Create invoice_detail table for invoice items
    • Registration process should be able to generate a single invoice, put multiple invoice items on it, and then pay it all at once.
      • Hook up invoice payment to payment system
  • Platform / Release engineering
    • Maven builds documented and tested
    • Nightly builds enabled and reporting
    • Tomcat + apache mod_jk configuration on boomer for testing / future deployments.
    • Basic automated unit testing
    • Packaged downloadable builds
    • Document branching and deployment [Owen]
    • Branch to on Monday
    • Do we run production / testing CONGO from tomcat on boomer, if so can we have a namespace other than CONGO- [Owen]
  • Business
    • Pricing locked down
    • New website tuned and ready for general availability
    • Website has license key request interface
    • Press Release written and ready to send out upon release date
    • Viral marketing plan created and ready to implement
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Page last modified on December 11, 2008, at 01:09 AM