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Merging happens from the record you want to deactivate to the "target record" which is the record you want to keep active.

You click the "merge" button on the record you want to get rid of, not the record you want to keep, and the registration history, notes, note history, and the information in the "view registrant history" screen get merged into the target record. All address information of the "disabled" record are deleted, except for the e-mail address (bug, or maybe feature?). Properties & Contact information are all retained from the "kept/target" record.

As a policy, we should use the lowest number record as the target of the merge, and disabled the higher number record in a merge. This may require manually transferring contact method and properties to the target registration prior to the merge in some cases.

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Page last modified on December 14, 2010, at 11:12 AM