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This table contains a listing of all the events for conventions, on a per-convention ID (cid) basis. Edits to this table are done via the Maintenance screen.


 CREATE TABLE config_events (
        event_id int(8) auto_increment,
        event_cid int(8) NOT NULL default '0',
        event_name varchar(20) default NULL,
        event_description varchar(100) default NULL,
        event_type varchar(20) default NULL,
        event_category varchar(20) default NULL,
        event_start timestamp,
        event_end timestamp,
        event_maxattendees int(4),
        event_location varchar(100),
        event_detail text,
        event_cost float(8,2),
        event_owner int(8),
        event_lastupdated timestamp not null,
        event_lasteditedby int(8),
        KEY indexid (event_id),
        KEY indextype (event_cid),
        CONSTRAINT `config_events_ibfk_1` FOREIGN KEY (`event_cid`) REFERENCES `con_detail` (`con_cid`) ON DELETE CASCADE,
        CONSTRAINT `config_events_ibfk_2` FOREIGN KEY (`event_owner`) REFERENCES `reg_master` (`master_rid`) ON DELETE SET NULL,
        CONSTRAINT `config_events_ibfk_3` FOREIGN KEY (`event_lasteditedby`) REFERENCES `reg_master` (`master_rid`) ON DELETE SET NULL
 ) TYPE=InnoDB?;

Columns of note

  • event_name - a short name, "SatDinner?"
  • event_description - A one-line text describing the event ("Dinner on Saturday")
  • event_type - Freeform for now, probably will be constrained later. Used for reporting and categorization. "Talk" "Dance" "Dinner" "Lodging"
  • event_category - Similar to above, but a way to group things together differently. Like "Saturday" would be a category.
  • event_location - "West wing room 414"
  • event_owner - The registrant ID who is responsible for this event (person running the panel, etc)
  • event_lastupdated - auto-update
  • event_lasteditedby - auto-updated programmatically when a change is made
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Page last modified on November 26, 2008, at 03:46 PM