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All bug tracking is now done within the trac project page:

Open / Completed Bug reports for CongoV2

Known Issues

  • dbs - Changing default event in settings doesn't reflect in login.jsp
  • dbs - Form validation in registration type editor throws error rather than shows problem (field value too long)
  • dbs - Registration types need an 'active' or 'inactive' field
  • dbs - Registration types need a 'display' or 'don't display' field
  • dbs - Registration type form needs javascript for first-field-focus
  • dbs - Login page - 'login' button has sizing problem with long convention names
  • owen - Database dumps don't seem to include property functions. Change how dumps are moved?
  • dbs - Modify the public interface to present invoice status / history
  • dbs - Event signup in public interface needs to generate an invoice for payment
  • dbs - Payments through the public interface
  • dbs - Reporting - run properties report
  • dbs - Reporting - run registration status report
  • owen - Public website is unaware of configured/not-configured status and will happily show a horrendous error.

Resolved Issues

  • owen - Selecting Edit Events from maintenance throws a Spring error 2008-12-1 Fixed - project rebuild needed.
  • owen - Still getting the JDBC connection error after the server has been idle for more than a half an hour or so. The connection is not staying open? 2008-12-15 Probably fixed - we're using c3p0's connection test logic on connection checkout now. Testing by manually breaking connections (eg., restarting MySQL?) showed that CONGO reconnected cleanly.
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